Celebrating 150 Years at
Kirkwood United Methodist Church
April 18, 1869 – April 18, 2019
On April 18th, 1869 Reverend W. D. Shumate took charge of eighteen charter members to form a new Southern Methodist Church in Kirkwood. Since that date, three different buildings have stood on our property, making Kirkwood United Methodist a thriving part of Kirkwood for 150 years as of 2019!
Happy Birthday KUMC! 
April 18, 2019 was Kirkwood United Methodist Church’s official 150th Anniversary date. That day was declared Kirkwood United Methodist Church day in Kirkwood, Missouri by Mayoral Proclamation in honor of the occasion.
Volunteers needed! 
There are so many fun ideas and activities planned for our year long celebration and your help is needed!  Would you like to be a part of the 150th planning committee?
Contact Nancy Adelsberger to Volunteer! 
What’s Happening Right Now?
Kirkwood United Methodist Church Celebrates its History
What do you know about KUMC’s History?  Now is a great time to learn more about your church as we celebrate this anniversary and retell the tales of its past, the people, and the events.  Here are a few history lessons for you below, and be sure to comeback as it is updated during the year long celebration. 
50 Year Time Line on Display

 Look for the 150-year time line on display in the lounge to learn more and to find some artifacts on display on the table in front of the time line too. 
Pivitol Moments of
Kirkwood United Methodist Church History
Here is the skit presented March 31 at THE ONE service telling of KUMC’s founding and other key moments in time in the life of our church. 
Cake Decorating Contest

Have you seen the big wooden cake? Built on the model of the recent 250 year celebration cakes for St. Louis’ recent anniversary, KUMC’s cake is 45″ tall and is waiting to be decorated to be featured in future celebrations this year.  It served nicely as a cupcake holder for THE ONE in March, but we know there is an artist out there that can make it look so much better!
You are asked to create a decorating theme for the cake, using your choice of media, that you can then decorate the cake with if your design is selected as the winner. The winner will be announced at THE ONE on June 30th and the cake will be decorated with that design by August 31. 
Get a 150th Anniversary T-Shirt! 

Show your pride on with a 150th T-shirt!
They are on sale in the lobby on weekends
for $10. 
What’s Coming Up?
150 Years is a long time to celebrate, so Kirkwood United Methodist will be celebrating through out 2019. There are special events planned for each of THE ONE services in 2019. THE ONE is a single worship service planned on the months where there is a 5th Sunday. It is a one worship time for the entire congregation to come and worship together in a blended Contemporary and Traditional service, followed by a pot-luck in the Gym. This year there are three more dates: June 30, September 29, and December 29. 
150th Celebration Events
June 30th – A Celebration of Love & Marriage
June is a popular month for weddings, and KUMC has a long history of those. We will celebrate with a display of as many Kirkwood United Methodist Wedding stories as we can, and perhaps even a few wedding dresses from different eras.
Here’s how you can participate. Did you get married or were you in a wedding at KUMC and have a memory or photo to share? What’s your story?  Please, email them now to KUMC150@kirkwoodumc.org to be a part of the display!  When submitting a story, if you share pictures, protect your original and please send in a copy we can keep for display purposes.
September 29 , 2019
A Celebration of Children 
KUMC Children’s Ministry & Pre-School & Youth
September has so many students returning to school and families getting back to church and sunday school after the summer vacations have ended. What a perfect time to celebrate the generations of children who have grown up in Kirkwood United Methodist Church’s Children’s ministry AND KUM Preschool!
Did you attend KUM Preschool, or have special memories about Sunday School at KUMC? What about Student Groups, or Choir experiences? Please send us your photos and story to share in September to KUMC150@kirkwoodumc.org. Please protect your orignial photos and send copies of photos to use for display purposes.  
Mid -October
Open House at KUMC
We’d like to invite everyone in to see all of the history of Kirkwood United Methodist Church that has been assembled this year. And perhaps capture other people’s stories and rememberances of KUMC in their lives. As a long time center of  in Kirkwood, Missouri we know lots of people in town and surrounding areas have memories to share too! Watch for a date and plans for this Open House in the future! 
Art Exhibit
Sunday, October 20, 2019
Kirkwood United Methodist Church houses a lot of artwork that has been collected throughout the years. Come learn about the art of KUMC on this evening through the help of docents and informational displays on other pieces of art displayed around the building for this special event. 
December 29
A Celebration looking back on the year, 
and forward to KUMC’s future
Wow! We’ve celebrated our past all year long and have a lot of fond memories to recall. But end of the year has everyone looking forward to new beginnings. What are your dreams for KUMC’s future? Let’s record those dreams and visions in a special way!  
How KUMC has Celebrated this Year
Bishop Robert Farr Officiated for our 150th Anniversary
April 6 -7, 2019
All Worship Services
On this weekend, Kirkwood United Methodist Church celebrated its official birthday with Bishop Robert Farr preaching at all services. 
Following each service there was a birthday cake reception in The Gathering Place.
Mayoral Proclamation
Sunday, April 7th
10:30 am 
Mayor Tim Griffin presented KUMC with an official mayoral proclamation making April 18th, 2019 Kirkwood United Methodist Church Day in Kirkwood! 
KUMC’s History
The 150 Year Committee presented a skit to tell the history of Kirkwood United Methodist Church at Sunday’s THE ONE service on  March 31, 2019.
The “Building Dressers, Furnishing Hope Mission” Project 

The Dresser build for Home Sweet Home took place in the gym April 6-7. The plan was to build 150 dressers over the year at several events to honor the 150th birthday of the church. The first build was in memory of Chris Hendry, a former KUMC member with a very generous heart for charity. But, Kirkwood United Methodist Members and friends responded so well to the mission call that 122 dressers were built in the first weekend! Check back to see if additional builds will be scheduled for a future date.