Disciple Bible Study

Disciple aims at transformation, not just information. Students use the Bible and the study manual to complete daily reading assignments, generally about 30 minutes of reading per day, and meet weekly for 2 – 2 ½ hours for discussion, videos, and prayer.  Classes are led by trained lay facilitators.  All students are required to have their own study Bible with commentary.  We recommend The New Interpreter’s Study Bible (NRSV) or New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha (NRSV). 

Please Note:  While it is required that Disciple I be completed first, the remaining Disciple Bible Study courses may be taken in any order.


Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study
This introduction to Disciple Bible Study is truly transformational. Each week, you will gather with a group of people who will support and challenge you as you grow in your relationship to God, Scripture, and classmates. Daily readings will take you through selections from the entire Bible. Disciple I is the prerequisite for all the other long-term classes. 
(24 weeks)
Facilitator:  Reverend Debby Peebles
Meeting Times:  Thursdays, 7:00 PM
Starting:  September 20, 2018
Remember Who You Are
Exploring Old Testament prophets asks that we take a look at our present circumstances and realize how much our actions impact the world. And in the letters of Paul, you will find instruction, inspiration, and renewed vision. Along with your small group, you will grow to understand that being a person of faith means joining a long tradition of fellow Believers. 
(24 weeks)
Facilitator:  Debbie Marchant
Meeting Times: Wednesday, 7:00 PM
Starting: September 19, 2018
For additional information, contact: Donna Cartwright 314-910-7470