Commitment Campaign 2019-2020
As Kirkwood UMC celebrates 150 years of ministry, you are invited to make the dream of Christ’s Kingdom of radical love a reality
in our church,
our surrounding community,
and our world today for years to come. 


Annual Budget    $900,000

KUMC’s annual operating budget will continue to transform lives by embodying the love of Christ through worship, mission opportunities, children’s ministries, music programs, youth groups, and countless other ministries that are made possible through funding staff, utilities, supplies, cirriculums, and more.



Building Support     $300,000
The reality of a large building is that it requires large scale maintenance projects. Like any home, as years go by we have to repair the roof, replace furnances, and maintain our wonderful spaces so they can be utilized for ministry. These large scale projects are too costly to be absorbed into the annual budget and often require ouside financing. Your expanded giving beyond the annual budget will be utilized to reduce current and future debt for capital maintenance projects, freeing up funds for ministries in the budget and allowing KUMC to make Kindgom Dreams come true for years to come.
                                                       Commitment Weekend is
                                               Saturday, June 1 – Sunday, June 2
Make your commitment to Kingdom Dreams now! 
You can pledge online below,  
Fill out your commitment card from the stewardship mailer 
you received at home and bring it to your worship service
or to the church office.