We’re Expecting! 
Stewardship Campaign 2018-2019

Have you Heard? We’re Expecting!


Dear KUMC Family and Friends,

We’ve got new life coming into our KUMC world.  This is a huge change that’s going to happen very soon.  Our due date is rapidly approaching on July 1, 2018.  Pastor David Bennett is retiring after 20 years as our lead pastor and Pastor Sue Mitch has recently retired after 25 years. 

So what does this mean to us?

Our bishop, Bob Farr, has great faith in Kirkwood United Methodist as a leading church in our community and denomination and feels we are poised for new birth and great growth.  We are being assigned and entrusted with one of his top choices, Pastor Katie Trinter. Pastor Katie is 34 years old and the mother of two young boys.  She’s a poet and storyteller.  When she arrives here in July, we will be in for fresh new ideas and exciting changes.

With the news of this new life on the way, we’ve quickly moved into planning mode — just like any family who is expecting.  This new life is going to need all the love and support we can provide.  We have to plan and financially provide for our “new baby.”  Preparation has already begun with the painful but necessary right-sizing of our KUMC staff and spending cuts to keep our budget in line with current income levels.

Many of you contributed to the Thrive Campaign, which funded the renovation and the Sanctuary, supported debt reduction and enabled world and local mission giving.  Because of this, we have a beautifully renovated sanctuary complete with technology that is ready for new and innovative worship services, community gatherings and celebrations.  We encourage you to complete your Thrive commitments by the end of 2018.  Our “nursery” is ready, and now it is time to grow into this next phase of new life at KUMC.

Your pledge is the key to the success of this new life! 

We ask you to open your hearts and your wallets to help us plan for our exciting future.  Your generosity, no matter how great or small, will play a vital role in our next steps.  Faithful givers, we trust that you will generously continue with your support and teach others the joy of Christian giving.   If you’ve never pledged, we encourage you to join us in our effort to financially secure our new life at KUMC.

We’re Expecting … your love and your financial support for new life at Kirkwood United Methodist Church.


Mike McBride  JoAnn Grindler   Meg Hawes    Micki Seeling    Pastor David Bennett 

2018-2019 Stewardship Campaign Committee

It’s normal to feel some anxiety or fear with change. 
The future is suddenly unknown. Who knows what to expect?  
We are not alone in these thoughts.
Meet Pastor Katie Trinter!
She’s excited and nervous too, but “expecting” that
we have many great things to come in our time together at Kirkwood United Methodist!
Hear what she has to say below:  

It’s time to prepare for all of these expectations of growth at KUMC!
To make your pledge online now, follow this Link. 
Fill out your pledge card from the stewardship mailer you received at home
and bring it to your worship service or to the church office to turn in.