Wednesday, 5:45 pm
Student messengers and guides lead this 30 minute interactive worship service incorporating liturgy, music videos and discussion. 
(The Chapel)
Saturday, 5:05 pm- Ignite (The Wood)
Sunday, 9 am- Jubilee
Both worship services are led by a band and singers with music selected to reinforce and enhance the sermon.  Screens are used to share songs as well as videos. 
(The Sanctuary)


Sunday, 10:30 am
The traditional service offers a range of musical
styles within an order of worship that encourages
the whole congregation to participate. 
(The Sanctuary)
Specially designated Sundays, 10 am
Upcoming THE ONE Service TBA
THE ONE is the only worship service to be offered on a designated weekend at 10 am for all KUMC members to attend in the main Sanctuary. This unique service combines elements of both contemporary and traditional worship services into “one” blended experience for the congregation to enjoy together.  THE ONE services will be followed by a potluck meal at 11 am in The Gym. 
October Sermon Series
Teach Us To Pray

Prayer is one of the most important practices in the life of a person of faith, yet for many of us it is a struggle.   Even the disciples, Christ’s closest followers, asked him, “Lord, teach us how to pray.” During this worship series we will be exploring various ways of praying and learning practically together how to have deep, meaningful, impactful prayer lives.  

This Weekend in Worship
October 20 -21, 2018
 ignite, Jubilee & Traditional
“Teach Us To Pray: Prayer in Action”
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5: 14 -25