Worship at The Well
Come to worship at noon on Wednesdays for contemplative worship led by Pastor Katie Trinter. This new mid-week worship service will last just 30 minutes and will include time for reflection, readings, prayer and music in the newly refurbished Chapel. 
Wednesday, noon
A midweek thirty minute contemplative worship service with Pastor Katie Trinter that includes reflection, readings, prayer and music.  Come, feel refreshed midweek at The Well! 
(The Chapel)
Wednesday, 5:45 pm
Student messengers and guides lead this 30 minute interactive worship service incorporating liturgy, music videos and discussion. 
(The Chapel)
Saturday 5:05 pm 
Join us for Table Worship on Saturday nights, 5:05 p.m.  At this casual and interactive worship, we gather at tables as Jesus did with his disciples and get to know each other face to face.  Come for snacks, music, reflection and communion.
(The Wood)
Sunday, 9 am  
This worship service is led by a band and singers with music selected to reinforce and enhance the sermon.  Screens are used to share songs as well as videos. 
(The Sanctuary)
Sunday, 10:30 am
The traditional service offers a range of musical
styles within an order of worship that encourages
the whole congregation to participate. 
(The Sanctuary)
Specially designated Sundays, 10 am
Upcoming THE ONE Service: 
Sunday, March 31 
THE ONE is the only worship service to be offered on a designated weekend at 10 am for all KUMC members to attend in the main Sanctuary. This unique service combines elements of both contemporary and traditional worship services into “one” blended experience for the congregation to enjoy together.  THE ONE services will be followed by a potluck meal at 11 am in The Gym. 
This Weekend in Worship
March 16 -17, 2019
Table Worship
Saturday, March 16 5:05 pm, Sanctuary
This Saturday, March 16, the 5:05 pm ignite service will take place in the Sanctuary for a special worship experience focused on prayer to launch an all night prayer vigil at Kirkwood United Methodist Church. The focus of the prayer vigil is praying our way forward following the Special General Conference decsions. You are encouraged to sign up for an hour at the prayer vigil this weekend.
Jubilee and Traditional Services
Sunday, 9:00 and 10:30 am
Special Guest Minister: Rev. Dr. Kyle Butler
“Cultivating Resurrection: Cultivating Self-Compassion
and Letting Go of Perfection” 
Scripture: Luke 13: 1-9
The Fig Tree – Jesus tells the story of a fruitless fig tree that has grown barren and brittle. The landowner in the parable has returned to its empty branches for three years. The landowner commands the gardener to cut it down, seeing it as a liability to the soil. But where the landowner sees waste, the gardener still sees possibility and hope. This Lenten season is an opportunity for us to admit we are not perfect and to see what parts of us have grown weary and barren. We might be flawed, but with God the great gardner, there are still great possibilities.