About Confirmation

What IS Confirmation?

Confirmation declares we are “Christian.”  Confirmation is the personal claiming of one’s baptismal vows; vows made for one when they were an infant, vows they took as an older child or student, or vows they will take before they are confirmed. 
Confirmation is a time when we get to say “YES!” to Christ.
When one is a baby, parents or guardians may have a child baptized.  As Methodists, we believe in one baptism; an act of God that brings us into the Body of Christ and makes us a part of the faith family. Not everyone is baptized and that’s OK. Before one is Confirmed, they are baptized. 
Confirmation usually occurs at the age 13 or so (during the student’s 8th grade year). Confirmation is the opportunity for a student to EXAMINE their faith, GROW in their knowledge of God, the Bible, our Christian and denominational history, and what it means personally to be a faithful follower of Jesus. Confirmation is – finally – a time to CONFIRM a student wants to declare their faith in Jesus Christ and, if interested, become a full member of the Kirkwood United Methodist Church. 

I’ve been Confirmed . . . what now?

A great question! After confirmation, many students struggle with this question: “What now?” There are many great ways to continue to connect with God and others, grow in your faith and serve others in love. All are welcome to join a Student Small Group, serve in the many different mission opportunities available, teach or lead a Sunday school class, sing in choir, the list goes on and on. . . 

I have more questions…

We love questions! For more information about Confirmation or what to do afterwards, CLICK HERE to contact Jess Horsley, KUMC’s Student Minister.