Welcome to Realm! 
KUMC’s New Church Directory Service
 If you missed the Realm invitation email, don’t fret!  You can log into Realm right here and get started. 
It is recommended that you do your initial login and password set up on a computer.  (And if you are reading this then you are on your computer right where you need to be!) 
Use the link below to go to Realm to create a login and password.
Now that you are connected to Realm, do you have a smart phone? You can download the “Realm connect” app to your phone. It’s available on both Apple and Android formats. This app will replace your Church Life app for church directory needs. The app symbol looks like this:
Now that you are connected to Realm you can experiment with the different formats online and on through your app to see what all Realm can do for you!
Below you will find some quick and easy ideas to try to learn some of the most basic moves you can master to utilize the Realm features we think you will like best. 
Ready to do more on Realm?
Again, changes to your profile and learning will be much easier on your computer, so please try these changes there. If you are really tech savvy, you might be able to do all of this on your phone as well. The screens described here are how a computer screen will look. Your notice right away that Realm’s format on your phone is very different. Once you master a few things on the computer, you’ll know more of what you are looking for to use on the app.  
Here are some good things you can do initially on Realm:
  • Change your profile picture. Some pictures are coming into that circle frame as a tiny square. We’d like to have an up to date picture of you and as big as it can be to fill the circle frame. Hover over the picture and you’ll see the edit pencil appear. Click on it and select a picture from your computer to replace the profile picture. 
  • Check out the commands on the right side of your screen:
      • COMMUNICATIONS: Use the down arrow to find “news”, your “inbox” for direct messages, and “chat” where you can easily chat with friends you know at KUMC. 
    • EVENTS: This area will show you current events at KUMC, the ones that require a sign up or registration to participate in.
    • GIVING: Here you can find a record of your giving. If you are not already giving online, you can set up online giving here. 
    • GROUPS: Here you’ll find the list of groups you belong to, such as lifegroups, classes, etc. 
    • DIRECTORY: Here is the church directory where you can find a member. Do you have a meeting at someone’s house? Click on their address and Google Maps will chart the way for you!   
  • Privacy Setting: Everyone will have to update their privacy settings to their preferred level. On the upper right corner of your screen, find the person image with the down arrow next to it in the top blue bar.  It might have your picture  and first name there you’ve updated your profile picture. Click on it to get the drop down menu.  Go to “Manage Privacy”, and you’ll see lots of options on what you can share or chose to keep private on Realm’s Directory. Make your selections and save them. 
  • “Notification Settings”: Don’t want to receive lots of emails and notifications from Realm? Just below privacy settings find Notification Settings and you can select what information you want to receive from KUMC.
If you want to figure out more about Realm, select from the top right corner the funny looking symbol next to your profile tab (that looks a little like an “M”) that is an owl. The owl button will take you to Realm’s tutorial area where you can watch videos and learn more things that you can do through Realm. 
Are you having trouble logging on to Realm or have a question you just can’t answer? Please contact the church office for help, 314- 966-8167.