Worship at The Well
Wednesdays in the Chapel
At noon
Come to a contemplative worship service led by Pastor Katie Trinter on Wednesdays. This new mid-week worship service will last just 30 minutes and will include time for reflection, readings, prayer and music in the newly refurbished Chapel.  Recharge your week with the word of God! 
Wednesday, noon
A midweek thirty minute contemplative worship service with Pastor Katie Trinter that includes reflection, readings, prayer and music.  Come, feel refreshed midweek at The Well! 
(The Chapel)
Wednesday, 7:15 pm
Student messengers and guides lead this 30 minute interactive worship service incorporating liturgy, music videos and discussion. 
(The Chapel)
Saturday 5:00 pm 
Join us for Common Worship on Saturday nights, 5:00 pm.  At this casual and interactive worship, we gather at tables as Jesus did with his disciples and get to know each other face to face.  Come for snacks, music, reflection and community.
On the third Saturday of each month, enjoy an evening of fellowship following Common Worship from 6 – 8:30pm. FREE child care will be provided at KUMC while adults gather at designated locations to enjoy food, drinks and good company.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to pack their child/children a meal to have during the child care hours, if needed. 
(The Commons)
Saturday, October 26 KUMC is hosting an event, Finding Your Voice from 4 – 6 pm. Common Worship will not be held on that night to allow for this Special Event
in St. Louis. 
Sunday, 9 am  
This worship service is led by a band and singers with music selected to reinforce and enhance the sermon.  Screens are used to share songs as well as videos. 
(The Sanctuary)
Sunday, 10:30 am
The traditional service offers a range of musical
styles within an order of worship that encourages
the whole congregation to participate. 
(The Sanctuary)
On the 5th Sunday of a month, 10 am
Upcoming THE ONE Service: 
December 29
THE ONE is the only worship service to be offered on a designated weekend at 10 am for all KUMC members to attend in the main Sanctuary. This unique service combines elements of both contemporary and traditional worship services into “one” blended experience for the congregation to enjoy together.  THE ONE services will be followed by a potluck meal at 11 am in The Gym.
Sunday, December 29th at The One, we will bring the 150th Anniversary celebration to a close. 
This Weekend in Worship
Current Sermon Series: 
What the Hell?
Exploring our biggest questions about Heaven,
Hell and everything in between. 
Saturday, October 19
Weather Permitting: Blessing of the Animals will Occur during Common Worship. If it rains, we can not bring the animals indoors so please leave your pets at home but do plan to come to Common Worship at 5 pm! 
4pm: Come early to browse various pet and animal organizations that will be on hand
 5 pm: Blessing of the Animals will take place during Common Worship
6pm: Third Saturday: Saturday Night Out – take your pet to dinner at Kirkwood Station Plaza after the service. Extended Childcare is available from 6 – 8:30 pm.
Sunday, October 20
9 am: Contemporary Worship, Sanctuary
10:30 am: Traditional Worship, Sanctuary
Glimpses of Heaven