YOUTH 2019
YOUTH 2019 Love Well 

Wednesday, July 10 – Sunday, July 14 (5 days, 4 nights)
Kansas City, MO
Estimated Cost/ student: $375 per person

For more information about YOUTH 2019
Students who enjoy WOW (Weekend of Worship) will NOT want to miss YOUTH 2019! This year, there is no WOW (BOO – I know!!). Instead, we’ll enjoy FIVE DAYS of worship, music, speakers, mission work, fun, fellowship, food, dancing, comedy, and sheer awesomeness in Kansas City, MO!
This event, held every 4 years and open to students from around the world, is like WOW after drinking a six-pack of 5-Hour Energy Drink, a 12 pack of Monster and eating a box of Eggo Waffles covered in two pounds of Mike & Ikes! It’s that wild and awesome!
Jess will be hosting a YOUTH 2019 Planning Meeting on Sunday, January 27 @ 10am in the Student Lounge for anyone who is interested in attending. 
EMAIL JESS if you are interested in attending!
Parents and Friends in Faith,
Interested in possibly attending YOUTH 2019 as an adult chaperon?
Join Jess Horsley, Caitlin Deneau, and Phil Lawson! Be one of the elite and special! Plus – people pray for you LOTS when they know you’re hanging out with teens for a week! Plus – your trip is paid for too!
How awesome is that?!?
Please EMAIL JESS if you are interested!