Here's how to STAY CONNECTED while you're staying at home!
Realm is the place to connect with Kirkwood UMC while you are staying home and staying safe. Use the link below to get signed in, and stay in communcation with your groups and friends at church! 
Use the links below to connect with Kirkwood UMC right now: 

A Special Note from Lead Pastor Katie Trinter Concerning Current Operations: 

Dear Kirkwood UMC Community,

We will not be able to gather in person for worship for a while due to the regulations being put into place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 /Corona Virus. It is so very important to stay home and stay safe as these measures not only protect you but the health of others also right now.

Instead I invite you to join us online to stay in touch and connected to KUMC. All are welcome! If you are looking for connection to others in Christian love, prayer and online fellowship and reassurance – we welcome you to connect with Kirkwood United Methodist Church online now.  We are linking together online in prayer, making our new weekly sermons available Saturday evenings at 5 pm, and even sending out links for inspirational hymns and music to help keep you uplifted during this challenging time. You’ll even see that we are trying to assist with missional needs in our community and we invite you to donate or help if you are able.

Here are the links to take you to the online sources where you can connect with Kirkwood United Methodist Church right now:

In the meantime, while large corporate gatherings are cancelled, please join us as we gather together virtually online outside of the walls of Kirkwood UMC. We are here for you for prayer, conversation, presence, and support.

Your Pastor,

Pastor Katie Trinter

Welcome to KUMC! 
At Kirkwood UMC, we say “all are welcome, all are forgiven, and all are invited to believe” …and we mean it. KUMC welcomes and affirms you, regardless of your race, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical and mental ability, economic status, or political ideology. We believe no matter where you have been or what you have done, if you are a seeker or cynic, flawed or faithful, God loves you and seeks to be in a relationship with you. With open hearts, open minds, and open doors, we welcome you and invite you to participate fully in the life of this faith community!
To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
To embody Jesus Christ’s inclusive love for the seeker, the cynic, the flawed and the faithful.
We are glad you are visiting our website and hope you will join us for worship!
 We offer several worship services for you to choose from:
  •  Common Worship on Saturdays at 5:00 pm
            (worship in a casual, relaxed atmosphere more like a coffee shop)
  • Contemporary Worship on Sundays at 9 am
  • Traditional Worship on Sundays at 10:30 am
  • The Well on Wednesdays at noon   (a contemplative 30-minute service)
  • ENGAGE Student Worship Services on Wednesdays at 7:15 pm.  
Located in the heart of Kirkwood, in St. Louis, Missouri our address is listed below. You are invited to drop in at anytime
201 W Adams Kirkwood MO 63122

**3/15/20: Please note, none of these worship services are meeting at this time due to the regulations on public gatherings imposed by COVID-19/Corona Virus.  Please check back to see when we can resume our regularly scheduled worship services.  You can find our weekly sermon videos posted on the Worship Page.

Wednesdays, noon
in The Chapel
A midweek thirty minute contemplative worship service with Pastor Katie Trinter that includes reflection, readings, prayer and music.  Come, feel refreshed midweek at The Well! 
                                         COMMON WORSHIP
Saturdays,  5 pm 
in The Commons
Join us for Common Worship on Saturday nights, 5:00 pm.  At this casual and interactive worship, we gather at tables as Jesus did with his disciples and get to know each other face to face. 
Come for snacks, music, reflection, and community.
Sunday, 9 am  
in the Sanctuary
This worship service is led by a band and singers with music selected to reinforce and enhance the sermon.  Screens are used to share songs as well as videos. 
Sunday, 10:30 am
in the Sanctuary
The traditional service offers a range of musical
styles within an order of worship that encourages
the whole congregation to participate. 
On 5th Sundays of a month at 10 am
THE ONE is the only worship service to be offered on a designated weekend at 10 am for all KUMC members to attend in the main Sanctuary. This unique service combines elements of both contemporary and traditional worship services into “one” blended experience for the congregation to enjoy together.  THE ONE services will be followed by a potluck meal at 11 am in The Gym.
May 2020
Current Sermon Series: In the Flesh
In online worship we’ll be continuing the Easter season with the theme, “In the Flesh.” During this season we will explore what Jesus’s resurrected body means for all of us. Through Jesus, we are being reminded that God dwells in bodies, and that means that our bodies are a place where God is. In the person of Jesus, God showed up in the flesh, and God is still showing up in the flesh. As St. Hildegard of Bingen said of God, “I am the living breath in a human placed in a tabernacle of marrow, veins, bones and flesh, giving it vitality and supporting every movement.”
In this season where we cannot be in our brick and mortar sanctuary, you are invted to remember that you, too, are a sanctuary; that God lives and breathes in and through each one of us. Consider, how is God dwelling in and through you?


***Please note, any of these groups and meetings at Kirkwood United Methodist Church are currently unable to meet due to government regulations in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19/Corona Virus. 
But, we are alive and well online!
See some of the daily activities happening on our Facebook Page. And our small groups can chat together now on Realm. Sign up on Realm now to find your small group, or join one and see what daily conversations are taking place. 
At KUMC you are invited to connect with God and other people. The journey begins when we are connected relationally on the path of discipleship. Our search for meaning and God’s purpose for our lives is so much richer when we do it in connection with our fellow travelers of the planet.


Growing in faith and maturing spiritually doesn’t happen by osmosis. We are called to intentionally seek God’s word so we can live out God’s plan for our life. The good news is God gave us an awesome gift called The Bible where we can come to know God as Father Son and Spirit.
Let’s figure out together what it all means for our lives today!



The Church has left the building.

We at Kirkwood United Methodist Church believe that church isn’t over
when you leave church on Sunday.  We act with passion as we CONNECT
with others both inside and outside of the church and GROW in faith as we SERVE
God and others in mission and ministry.
Please join us as we leave the building together.  Let’s do great things.
kumc mission


When we decide to follow Jesus, we’re committing to make Him not only our Savior, but also our Lord of everything – our time, our talents, and our treasure.   It’s not about giving to an organization, but giving from generous hearts.  We joyfully invite you into a life-changing journey of
generous living at Kirkwood UMC.